The Board of 2019-2021

Eva Maria Veitmaa – Chair, Social Media Manager

As the Chair of InSPE, Eva is the main face of the foundation. She is responsible for organising the board meetings, making the agenda, and keeping track of the overall progress of the project and the individual board members. Eva’s goal is to ensure the wellbeing and personal development of the board members.

Eva also manages the social media channels of InSPE, including the web page, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. She posts content relevant to the foundation’s mission and notifies the followers of activities related to the production.

Marit Bot – Secretary, Commissioner of Cast

Being the Secretary of InSPE, Marit is the main contact point with the foundation. She is in touch with various external parties, as well as the participants of the project. Furthermore, Marit documents the board meetings, and assists with other administrative tasks.

As the Commissioner of Cast, Marit is responsible for the information flow between the cast, the board, and the creative team. Marit is the first contact point for cast members when problems or questions arise.

Aron Boerkamp – Treasurer, Commissioner of Orchestra

As the Treasurer, Aron is responsible for the financial aspects of the foundation, including making the budget and financial reports. Aron keeps track of incomes and expenses of InSPE, both during and outside the production. He oversees funding and sponsoring and makes it financially possible for the foundation to continue with similar projects in the future.

Aron also acts as the Commissioner of Orchestra. He is the contact point for orchestra members, responsible for the rehearsals and keeping contact with the conductor.

Ilse Westra – Commissioner of Concept, Funding

As the Commissioner of Concept, Ilse is responsible for the overall format and style of the project. This implies keeping track of the stage design, clothing and grime committees, as well as keeping close contact with the professional creatives hired by the foundation.

Ilse is also involved in the funding of the project. This encompasses looking into applicable funds in the Netherlands and the vicinity of Enschede and Hengelo and contacting the ones that support cultural projects.

Iza Grasselli – Commissioner of Logistics, Sponsorship

As a Commissioner of Logistics, Iza is responsible for ensuring that the cast and orchestra have rooms to rehearse in and a theatre to perform. Iza makes the scheduling for rehearsals and organises the transport of participants, music instruments, and stage decor from the main rehearsal location to the theatre where the production is performed.

Iza is also in contact with various business entities in regards to sponsorship. She seeks out new sponsors, negotiates sponsorship agreements, updates the sponsors on the production process, and stays in contact with sponsors for sustained cooperation.