With SponsorKliks it is possible to support Stichting InSPE without it costing you anything!

You can order a pizza via Thuisbezorgd and Stichting InSPE will get a money for this. Other big companies are part of this network as well, like Bol.com, Coolblue, Booking.com and Expedia. A percentage of the purchase price spend in the web store will go to Stichting InSPE without it costing you anything extra.

Do you want to support Stichting InSPE for free?
Place your online orders from now on via the SponsorKliks page of InSPE. A small effort for you and a direct income for Stichting InSPE.

How does it work?
Web shops pay a commission for every order placed via SponsorKliks.com. 75% of this commission will be directly deposited on the bank account of Stichting InSPE. Whether you go directly to Bol.com or via a SponsorKliks link you pay the same amount for your order. However, in the latter case, Bol.com will pay SponsorKliks a commission of which Stichting InSPE profits directly.

Watch out: no commission fees on books
The Netherlands has a law which mandates a fixed price for books. This means that it is not allowed to charge a commission fee on books.

You will stay anonymous
Neither SponsorKliks nor Stichting InSPE know who ordered something. The only information known to SponsorKliks is at which store something has been bought, for what price and whether the commission is meant for Stichting InSPE. This is known because the website has been visited via SponsorKliks.

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