Helping out

Are you interested in supporting InSPEs current Production?

The  board is busy getting everything in place for the shows in April and our partcipants in the cast and the orchestra are busting off their butts in rehearsals.
However, there are a few things we need a bit of help with. We know that all of you have very busy schedules and need time for yourself and your loved ones as well. Therefore, we took apart the committees and made a list of small tasks we could use some helping hands with. These tasks don’t require a lot of time just some effort and engagement. If any of these tasks appeals to you and your skills, or you know someone who is perfect for the job, please send a mail and then we can arrange it. We would really appreciate you guys supporting us with those tasks, it would help us a lot.  

Task List

  • General:
    • Share and promote the crowdfunding
    • Keep your eyes open for possible sponsors
    • Collect pictures, video, and quotes during rehearsals
  • Money
    • Setting up the Adoption-plan action
  • Auditing
    • Quarterly inspecting the financial situation
  • Promotion
    • Design posters/ flyers
    • Make a programme booklet
    • Maybe Promotional Video
    • Help with organizing Promotional Events
    • Making pictures and videos during the rehearsals
  • Stage Design
    • Build decor
  • Costumes
    • Finding the right clothing for the right persons
    • Make clothing
    • Make-up during the performances

InSPEs goal is to bring people together and organize productions based on the collaboration of different skills. It would be lovely if we could not only bring together our different cultural disciplines but also our knowledge and practical skills.   Thank you in advance for anything that supports our cause

You can also support the production by donating money to our Crowdfunding or becomming a sponsor.