After the big success of Jesus Christ Superstar – The Raw Edition, there was great demand for another production of such a scale. Based on the experiences from last year it was obvious that this would require at group of at least four or five dedicated people to take over the organising. Together they decided that it was the best so found a special foundation for those type of productions. This would make it easier to organize, because opposite to the association it does not require members to be signed up only participants. It is easier to get funds and donations. It is possible to pause process when no production is in the making and it would bear a lower financial risk for Apollo. The board took over the tasks of setting up the foundation and getting started on the next production.


The full name of the foundation is Stichting International Student Productions Enschede. It was chosen because it best describes the intention of this foundation: connecting all the students in Enschede to work together on one big production. The abbreviation InSPE refers to the Latin phrase “in spe” which translates to “to-be”. In the context of the foundation it stands for the future prospects of Student Productions in Enschede.

Goal: Cultural Collaboration

The most important aspect of the foundation is to get people with different interests together to work on one collaborative project. This way, we want to improve the cohesion between cultural student organisations and their members in Enschede. Furthermore, it supposed to  provide a chance to work on a project which has a much higher scale than a single organisation’s/ associations performances.

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