We are looking for our Tony !

Our production of West Side Story is still missing the male lead.

Tony is a young man in New York who used to be the leader of the street gang the Jets. Although he left the gang life he is still close with his friends. This friendship is put to the test when he falls in love with Maria, the sister of the front man of the Sharks, the rivalry gang.

The character is a helpflessly romantic guy  and has a strong tenor voice. The part includes voice range between b2-Bb4 and involves limited dancing.

If you are interested in the part or know someone who would make the perfect Tony. Send us a mail.


It is revealed!

InSPE presents: Comming in April 2019 – West Side Story

On Friday the 18th May, we had our Big Reveal Drink in the Vestingbar. A lot of interested people came by and we had a nice drink together. Everyone was excited about the announcement that we are going to perform the musical “West Side Story” next year. The fans started snapping an singing in anticipation for the coming show.


If you are interested in participating in the cast, orchestra or as a helper and want to receive more information than fill out this Google Form. (this is no binding sign-up it is only for information)

Big Reveal Drink

Are you wondering what the next big Cultural Collaboration Production will be?

Join us for our Big Reveal Drink on Friday the 18th May at 9pm in the VB. We will introduce the foundation and board to you, explain our concept and reveal the production.
This drink is the perfect opportunity to reunite with the people from JCS, meet new collaboration enthusiasts and have an awesome Friday Night.

We hope to see you there!