The InSPE board has formed committees to support in organising the Production. People from Cast, Orchestra and Crew usually join the committees, but external people are also welcome to join and help out.

Promo Committee

The Promo Committee helps the InSPE board with all things promotion. Together they will work on promotional materials like Posters, Flyers and Social Media Content. Furthermore, they will create the Program Booklet, create the Merchandise for the participants, and organise promotional events.

Decor Committee

For the production there will need to be a set. The set includes the physical set pieces, as well as props needed for the show. Since this is a lot of work for just one person to do this will be done together with the help of this committee. This committee consists of creative people who brainstorm and design their ideal set sketch with the help of the script and vision of the Creatives. Once the sketches are complete, building plans are created by enthusiastic mechanical engineers that are part of our production. After that, the frame is built and the facade is painted. At this stage, the committee recruits more people from the orchestra and cast to speed the process along.

Costume Committee

This committee is responsible for making sure that the Cast and, sometimes, Orchestra looks the part on Opening night. This means that the committee will first make a plan in discussion with the Creatives. Then the committee makes and/or buys the extra costumes that are not already in the possession of the cast as well as provides the Make up for the shows.

Tech Committee

Several months before the performance, the Tech committee will be set up. This committee will be in charge of Timing, Lights, and Sound for the production. They will sit through rehearsals, learning the script along with the Cast and Orchestra, while configuring light and sound cues. The stage manager is also part of the tech committee. Their job is to make sure set pieces, props, costumes, and mics are where they need to be at the right time.

Teambuilding Committee

This committee strives to make a close-knit family out of our Cast, Orchestra, and Crew. They organise Teambuilding activities such as a PubQuiz, Drinks, Dinner, and A Game. The possibilities are endless with this committee.

Acquisition Committee

The Acquisition Committee helps the Treasurer or InSPE gather the funds needed to make the production a reality. They spend their time applying for funds and gathering information about them, setting up a CrowdFund, or finding out-of-the-box ways of raising money, like raffles, bottle collection, and Festival volunteer work. This way, the chance of our production succeeding increases significantly.


This committee is a collaboration between Theater Association NEST, Stichting InSPE, and TheaterSport Association Pro Deo. together they organise events for the UT Cultural Theatre Sector.

Audit Committee

This committee keeps an eye on where InSPE gets its money from and where InSPE spends it on. Once every three months, they will check InSPE’s bookkeeping and accounting progress. Furthermore, The committee will check if InSPE pays its bills and collects their invoices. The Audit Committee oversees the Treasurer and commissioner of funds.