About Us

The Foundation

Stichting International Student Productions Enschede (InSPE) connects students in Enschede to give people from different nationalities and backgrounds a creative outlet by working together towards a bigger goal in a fun and challenging way.

InSPE is mostly project-based and, thus, does not have permanent members. If you wish to participate in the next project, however, get in touch here.

The projects

Before the official establishment of InSPE as an association, a group of “founding fathers” organised the production of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Two years later, InSPE put on a great show and performed “West Side Story”. In total, these projects included more than 140 participants and provided entertainment for more than 1600 people in the audience.

The Board

Little would get done if there weren’t some dedicated people organising the masses. That’s why InSPE has a board.

BOARD OF 2021-2023

BOARD OF 2019-2021

BOARD OF 2018-2019